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​KPISS.FM Broadcasts over 70 live shows brought to you by divine post college radio stars, partiers, weirdos, bands, unestablished comedians, 9-5'rs, bartenders, journalists, and music freaks (plus Ben's show about winter Rockaway surfing) every week from our infamous 9x7 ft pink container studio in Punk Alley Bushwick, Brooklyn plus a few secret remote locations in Canadian basements with one common thread: we take the piss out of internet radio.

The Golden Stream started August 2015 with 2 shows and a studio that did in fact smell of piss before renovations. ​The studio is now clean but our minds are still dirty so listen live, join our chat room and visit us and all the other businesses in punk alley:

867 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. J/M/Z to Myrtle Ave + Broadway.

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